REAL WEDDING | Joyful Garden Wedding in Connecticut | Emma Thurgood Photography | Pretty Pear Bride

REAL WEDDING | Joyful Garden Wedding in Connecticut | Emma Thurgood Photography

This wedding is the cutest, dear readers! Groom Matthew submitted it to us and told us all about their love story. And let me tell y’all, he is the most perfect thing ever! Judy and he were acquaintances for a long time and colleagues and friends for a year. Judy considered becoming a Catholic nun or missionary at one point while Matthew kept his feelings to himself to let her explore her needs. When she returned, Matthew declared his love, Judy reciprocated and they were engaged three weeks later and well, the rest is history. Their wedding at the Aqua Turf Club in Hartford, Connecticut was perfect, right down to their first dance—”Everything” by Michael Bublé. Congrats you two!

Judy & Matthew

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Vendor Love – Photography: Emma Thurgood PhotographyVenue: Aqua Turf ClubBridal Attire: Oleg Cassini from David’s Bridal  | Flowers: One Fine Day FlowersPhoto booth: Neckbone’s Photography Bakery: Shoreline Diner Groom and Groomsmen Attire:  Vera Wang

Tell us about your wedding: “My wife and I were only engaged for 6 months and so we planned the wedding quickly and with lots of help. Our venue needed to fit a large number of people. My wife is very earthy and casual by nature but we are both professional singers and appreciate the glamorous side of things. She chose a casual garden theme for the favors and decor but we went with tuxes and gowns as well. Our church was right in the middle of the city and so we took some wedding party photos before the ceremony at a skate park full of graffiti and then our couple shots in a small courtyard next to the church. ” Wedding Colors: Dark navy blue, white and green. How did the two of you meet? She was a teacher and doctoral student at UCONN. I was an undergraduate enrolled in one of her classes. That was 6 years ago. Describe your engagement: Jude and I were acquaintances for a long time, colleagues and close friends for a year, and then best friends (but long distance) for a year when she moved to a different state to decide if she wanted to change her life and become a catholic nun or a missionary. I already loved her but gave her the space she needed to make those decisions and kept my feelings to myself. When she returned to finish her degree, we became even closer and I decided it was worth risking her rejection and losing her as a friend if it meant that I could be honest with her about my feelings and chance her loving me in return. She reciprocated and we were engaged 3 weeks later. We knew God couldn’t lead us to a better spouse and because we had been such good friends for so long, we didn’t see the point in waiting. Personal or handmade details: Jude’s mom made all of the clay pots, little packets with bulbs in them, and many other details for our favors. She also hand calligraphied all of the addresses for our wedding invitations. Jude’s brother built the wooden frame which held our seating chart. Describe your flowers: Jude wanted flowers that were gardeny, leafy and a little wild. Memories and Stories about the Day: I’ve loved Judy for so long and find her breathtakingly beautiful inside and out but when the doors opened and she entered the church I was overwhelmed. We had a choir of over 25 professional singers who sang her into the church with “O God Beyond All Praising.” It was a royal entrance and she looked like the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Your first dance song: Everything by Michael Buble The thing that we would have done differently is? Not waited until the last minute for some details. Your advice for other plus size brides: Be joyful. You are loved by the most important person in your life. Three adjectives that describe the day: Spiritual, Joyful, Fun What has surprised you most during the first few months of marriage? This feeling of being blessed with the greatest gift in the world, my wife. I am continually amazed at how lucky I am.

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