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{Real Plus Size Wedding} Celtic Texas Wedding by Fiona Lorne Photography

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up on Sunday, I figured it would be a great time to share one of our International Plus Size Weddings from our Winter Issue.  This wedding didn’t take place internationally but it is a reflection of an international culture.  Celtic weddings are full of tradition and this one wasn’t any different.

What I found so interesting about this couple was that they meet through mutual friends and the rest is history.  Also that this groom wanted to be involved with as much as he could with the wedding, all the down to the M&M’s.  The groom picked out all the quotes that reminded him of his beloved bride to go on the M&M’s favors with pictures of them on it {check out our Winter Issue to see}.  Too cute!

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Denham_Mullen_FionaLorne_Photography_78920_5_low Denham_Mullen_FionaLorne_Photography_78919_1_low

Describe your menu and your favorite part ~ We had saltlick BBQ provided the majority of the food(pork rib was the hit of he night), homage apps and salads by the brides stepmother/ dad. fabulous choices, but my favorite part was that it was a sit down menu and the Filet was AMAZING.

self love handbook for plus size brides, self love for plus size brides

Your first dance song ~ The Cradle of human kind, Flogging Molly

The thing that we would have done differently is? Can’t think of a thing, was as perfect as it could have been:)

If we could have spend our wedding dollars differently, we would have ~ Probably we would have:bought less food, but this isn’t exactly a bad thing..

Our favorite detail of the wedding was ~ The kilts n chucks that the groomsmen wore.

The most unique element of the day:  The Celtic ceremony with hand fasting right.

Check out our Winter Issue for more questions and answers from the couple

Denham_Mullen_FionaLorne_Photography_90456_50_low Denham_Mullen_FionaLorne_Photography_90457_56_low Denham_Mullen_FionaLorne_Photography_90486_299_low Denham_Mullen_FionaLorne_Photography_90487_300_low Denham_Mullen_FionaLorne_Photography_78974_b172_low Denham_Mullen_FionaLorne_Photography_78975_338_low Denham_Mullen_FionaLorne_Photography_78976_351_low Denham_Mullen_FionaLorne_Photography_78977_353_low



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Vendors who made it possible:

Photographer: Fiona Lorne Photography / Florist: Wildbunches / Invites & Calligraphy:  details Austin / Wedding Planner: Memory Lane Events /  Caterer: DNA Events serving Saltlick BBQ / Jewelry: Swarovski / Andrea Baker  / Bride’s Attire: Sophia Tolli Yardley via Belle Sassion Bridal / Bridesmaids Attire: Alfred Angelo / Groom’s Attire: Atlantis kilts, Irish national tartan / Ceremony and Reception Location:  Memory Lane Events Center / Music/Entertainment: Memory Lane / DJ: the Austin bagpipper  / Transportation: Lindsey Limousine  / Rentals and Décor: DNA/Memory Lane  / Officiate/ Minister: Spike Gilispie                                                                                                                           

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