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PLANNING | Thinking about a Honeymoon Fund?

ENGAGEMENT | Europe Engagement Session in Czech Republic | Studio Under The Sky | Pretty Pear Bride
ENGAGEMENT | Europe Engagement Session in Czech Republic | Studio Under The Sky | Pretty Pear Bride

Looking to set up your honeymoon fund in just a few simple clicks? Are you currently looking for villa rental, hotel accommodation, or other vacation rentals and honeymoon destinations? We have the answer for you! And with couples getting married later in life, most times they already have all the typical wedding registry items. So that means that there are some new alternatives to honeymoon fund registries especially ones that allow you to have a cash gift registry. This can save you time, and the time of your guests as well.

Traveler’s Joy, is an amazing honeymoon fund site that is one the oldest and most trusted. You can use the site to register for anything from an upgrade to first class airfare, to a romantic horseback ride on the beach, to even a new camera to capture all the memories. I know you didn’t realize that was even possible. Traveler’s Joy has no signup or upgrade fees, offers 100 percent free gift redemptions in the US and all gifts provided by cash or check are 100 percent free to both you and and your guests. There is a service fee for credit card use.

My Registry is an option with an app, making it easy for those browsing your registry to scan any barcode and add items to your registry while browsing your favorite store. You can even add items from stores that don’t have websites just by snapping a picture and adding some details about where you can buy the gift. You can literally add gifts from any store in the world!

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Wanderable is a newer option on the scene, this service helps couples really focus on making memories to share with their loved ones. The Wanderable team focuses heavily on registry page design, making the details of your honeymoon an expression of you and allows you to share that with your loved ones. Just as with the other companies, there’s free gift redemption in the US, and gifts provided by cash or check are completely free. Credit card use does require a 2.5 percent service fee.

Hopefully these recommendations have helped you get a better understanding of what options are out there for your honeymoon registries. Share with me below if you have a honeymoon registry and what’s on it. I always love hearing about all the amazing travel plans y’all have!

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