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Why do so many marriages break down? If you look at the data, you can find all sorts of reasons, but right at the top of the list are financial problems. Some relationships may even require the services of a Divorce Lawyer Chicago (if they live in and around the Chicago area) to get legal advice on how to move forward with their relationship. Sometimes some couples can resolve their issues, but sadly, some cannot. In today’s economy, it’s hard, even for two working people, to get ahead. And over time, this can take its toll on the relationship. Money becomes an endless source of concern, causing arguments about where it should be spent and whether the family can afford the next holiday.

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But things don’t have to be this way. There are ways of having a successful career – one that provides both money and time – that will allow you to focus on the things that matter to you. Here’s how to combine both a happy marriage with a career you love.

Start Training Early

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There’s never a perfect time to embark on a career: children, finances, and side projects will always conspire to get in the way. But there are huge benefits from starting early, no matter what it is that you want to do, whether that’s an online masters in clinical mental health counseling or a professional qualification in cybersecurity. Beginning now, while you’re young and have the energy, is more valuable to your long-term well-being than starting in ten years time when you have more responsibility and fewer options. If you don’t know what career then career counseling if perfect for you to work out what you want to go into. You might be able to turn your hobbies into your job.

Make Career Advancement A Shared Project

Many people like to think that their careers and their marriages are two separate entities. But that’s naive thinking: they’re both highly interrelated, and one affects the other. Just think about how your stressful job affects your spouse, or how your arguments at home spill over into your work life.

As a working married person, it should be your goal to create as much harmony as possible in your life. One of the best ways to do this is to make your career development a shared project with your partner – something that you work on together for the benefit of both of you. You don’t want your spouse to feel resentment about your working late or having to give up your weekends. Bringing them on board and making them feel a part of the process can help enormously. If your partner is feeling left out, you could always attend Alpharetta marriage counseling to resolve your issues and have open and honest discussions about your future. Going to marriage counseling certainly doesn’t mean you’re heading for a divorce, sometimes you just need an unbiased opinion to help you find solutions. Counseling sessions are a safe place for you to speak freely with no distractions. You may already have serious discussions with your partner but they might not be in the right settings, or you might not have said something how you would have liked. There’s no harm in having a conversation with your partner.

Create A Golden Rule On Family Time, And Stick To It

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ENGAGEMENT | Elegant Nautical Engagement Session in The Bahamas | Lyndah Wells Photography

Modern life can be hectic, and sometimes you miss appointments. But your family – for many of you – is your reason for being. It’s why you’re working so hard in the first place.

It makes no sense to spend all week working, only to discover that you don’t have time to enjoy the money you’ve earned with the people you love. So make sure that you set aside some precious time for your loved one, even if it’s just an afternoon at the weekend. Having that time set aside lets them know that they are valuable to you, and can avoid feelings of inadequacy and depression.

Remember, family time is sacred. There should be no phones bleeping, no emails, and strictly nothing going on related to work. It’s about you and the other person.

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