PLANNING | Planning a Wedding? Here’s a List of Things to Remember That Are Easy to Forget

A lot goes into the planning of a wedding. You have to think about yourself. You have to think about your guests. You have to think about your dress. Because there’s so many big things to remember sometimes the smaller things fall by the wayside. Fortunately here’s a few of the smaller things that must be remembered in order to stop any big catastrophes on the big day.

First of all you should remember that it is the little details that make a wow wedding. The big things are important, of course they are, but this doesn’t mean precedence shouldn’t be given to the smaller things. For example all the photos taken at a wedding are meaningful, even the one taken of your dress before you put it on. Because of this, the very small detail that is ensuring your dress is hanging on something pretty is very important. You don’t want to find yourself in that moment wishing you had a pretty hanger rather than a bog standard plastic or wire hanger, so make sure to pack one! And make sure to check out other little things that can’t be forgotten when it comes to planning a wedding here.

Make sure all guests know the date

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One of the most important aspects of planning a wedding, of course, is deciding between wedding venues. It’s pretty hard to forget to do this, but it’s sometimes easy to forget some smaller yet vital aspects in regards to it. A hugely important aspect that should never be forgotten when choosing a wedding venue is that it the bride and grooms decision, and nobody else’s. If you want to fly off for a sunny Mediterranean wedding in Portugal, you do it. If you want to experience the grandeur of of an old country building in England, you do it. If you want to say your vows in a fairy-tale castle in Italy, you do it. No matter what anybody else has to say about travelling or travelling expenses you take no notice of it. It’s your day, your choice and anybody that wants to come can come. But this isn’t the only little aspect of the venue that has to be remembered. Another is the fact that all guests should be provided with information on how to get to it so as to ensure that nobody turns up awkwardly late. You don’t want anybody bursting through the doors just as the person that is marrying you asks if anybody objects to the marriage, do you? You must also ensure that everything inside the venue is as it should be even before the big day. For instance you should make sure that designated seats are reserved the way you want them to be.

Designated seats

There are a whole host of things that are easy to forget when it comes to planning a wedding, but this doesn’t mean that they should be forgotten. No matter how important the big things are, like the dress, the venue and getting the bride and groom to the venue on the day, you can’t forgo the smaller things. The most important thing to remember however is to enjoy the day!


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