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PLANNING | Keeping The Memory Of Your Wedding Alive

REAL WEDDING |Long Beach Lighthouse Elopement | Jessica Schilling Photography | Pretty Pear Bride
REAL WEDDING |Long Beach Lighthouse Elopement | Jessica Schilling Photography

It’s sad to say, but your wedding day is only the length of a typical day. You will no doubt, want it to last forever. The build-up and planning may have been months or even years, but it will be over before you know it. 

What you will have are memories. The most exciting and beautiful memories that you will ever have. You can keep these precious thoughts close to your heart, and they will last forever. 

Keeping sentimental items attached to your big day will help you and your partner relive the fond memories. Often, everything happens so fast, and there is so much going on, we can scarcely manage to take it all in. 

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There are a few things that you can add to your day, to make sure that your wedding memories really do come alive. The biggest of these is photography.

A Photo Booth

Hire the best photo booth you can get and have it set up in your reception. Your guests will love it. Lay out a selection of props and outfits that they can play around with, and you’ll find that they take lots of outrageous pictures. 

Often, you’ll not be around when this is happening, meaning when you eventually get to see all of the pictures, you will get a nice surprise. 

A photo booth is a nice little touch that adds an extra element of fun for your guests and can entertain them. 

A Photographer

This might sound very obvious, but hiring a wedding photographer will help to preserve your day for eternity.

It might be tempting to hire the first available photographer, or to bring in a friend who has some experience with a camera. Before you do this, ask yourself how you would feel if the photos that you got back were not what you expected? If you hire a cheaper photographer, what if they rush the job? Or don’t get photos of everyone that you are close to? There are many risks when it comes to hiring a substandard photographer. 

When you hire a wedding photographer, they should meet with you at least once before the big day. There should be an opportunity for you to talk them through the timeline of the day, and tell them who is going to be doing what. They should talk you through photo groupings, and find out who you want to have included in the pictures. 

On the day, a photographer should be with you for the duration. And following on from the wedding, they should review and possibly edit thousands of photos for you. There is a lot of work that goes into creating great wedding photos, and anyone that can do them for next to nothing is probably not offering an excellent service. With this in mind, it is worthwhile talking to lots of photographers and looking at their work. Keep an eye on wedding blogs for styles of photos that you like, and find out who took them.

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