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When it comes to planning a wedding, most of the focus and attention goes straight to the bride. What will she wear? What colour dress will she pick for her bridesmaids? Is she going to arrive on time or be fashionably late and keep her new beau waiting? It can all be totally overwhelming, let’s be honest, but this means that most of the focus is taken away from the men who are part of the wedding party – which can be especially hard and taxing towards the end when trying to find things to accommodate if they are plus size, too.

Most bridal posts are about what the bride wants, but let’s focus on what’s good for the guys, too…

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Bigger fingers mean that bigger rings need to be found. It’s common sense, yet there are still quite a few stores who are late to picking this notion up. It’s their loss. When it comes to buying mens diamond rings, or even just a plain band, you will need to make sure that you measure, measure and measure again. It can’t be stressed enough. Sending off sizing to an online company is one thing, but make sure that you get the ring finger properly measured in a jewellers to ensure that you are getting the right size. It needs to be loose enough to go all the way down, but tight enough when it gets to the bottom point on a finger that it’s not going to fall off – not cut off all circulation. It can be a tricky thing to get right, but the thicker the band, the better the chance of it staying put.


It may be better to call upon a friend or family member who knows their way around a sewing machine to be able to tailor-make suits for your wedding if there isn’t a good and reliable plus-size retailer available local to you. There are quite a few online stores available for your perusal, but the best thing that you can do if you want them all in one place and to find other ideas and suggestions to bounce off is to have a look on Pinterest and see what jumps out at you. There’s a chance that you can get lost on it for hours pinning away different ideas that can be carried all across your wedding, so make sure that you set yourself a time limit to keep planning under control! Or, you know, just don’t … sometimes it can be an amazing way to relax and release stress on the buildup to your big day.

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Bachelor Party

It’s not traditionally up to the bride to decide where the groom hosts his bachelor party and where it needs to be/who is invited. Whether it is a bachelor party in Thailand, a night down the local pub or a lads weekend away, this is the one thing that you can leave solely and entirely up to them. Just make sure that they’re back in time for the wedding (and in a fit state!) and all is good!


Here’s where stuff gets tricky. If you are buying suits for the groomsmen that haven’t come from the same store as the groom, chances are that they’re not going to match entirely. This is fine for most people, as they can generally get the same colour or at least some sort of pattern going on, but for those who are intent on having everything just-so and matching all the way through, it’s here that you are going to need to consider getting them all handmade. It can be quite a fun and quirky thing to do to have the groomsmen slightly mismatching, as has been seen numerous times with bridesmaids and their dresses. As long as it works for you on the day and the people are there and properly dressed for the occasion, it shouldn’t matter too much – your guests won’t specifically be looking for the cut of the cloth or focusing on minute details on the garments that they’re wearing like you’d think they are.

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The great thing about weddings in the modern day is that it’s acceptable to wear any type of shoe. Wellington boots for those getting married in a field, flip flops for those getting married in warmer climates and barefoot for those who dare to do so. What this means in terms of your wedding and picking shoes is that you can do as little or as much as you would like in regards to footwear, which potentially makes this the easiest thing to cover!

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