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PLANNING | How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring | Sponsored Post

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Today we’ve got something for everyone out there looking to pop the question to their soon to be fiances! You’ve found the one of your dreams, you’ve received the blessing from their parents, you’ve pictured out how you will execute the proposal, but have you decided on the ring yet? Are you going for a more sophisticated halo ring or a classic semi-mount? Popping the question is one thing, but being armed with the right engagement ring is another.

An engagement ring is both a financial and sentimental investment. In fact, it’s ideal to find a proper jeweler who can give you a grading report of your jewelry, as it will be useful in the future when you get the ring insured. Therefore, it’s crucial to be wise in getting the best engagement ring for that special woman in your life.

Keep in mind though that best doesn’t always mean breaking the bank by purchasing the most expensive one on display. It means getting the most suitable ring fit for your future fiancée’s style and personality. So do not delay the proposal just because you cannot afford a better ring yet.

Sensible advice and insightful tips are offered in this infographic from Primestyle.  From choosing between a diamond or a colored stone ring to determining the precious metal on the ring, this will help you become more educated on the different ring characteristics to help you come up with a more informed decision for that lifelong piece of jewelry.

How To Pick An Engagement Ring

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