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PLANNING | How to Ask Your Friends to Be Your Bridesmaids

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It’s hard to try keeping your upcoming wedding a secret, especially when you’re all giddy and over the moon about it. There are only so many ways you can share the good news to your loved ones. Once you’ve mellowed down considerably, you can now start making your wedding plans.

But how do you tell your friend or your sister or cousin that you want her to be part of your bridal party? You can go straight to the point with your message and simply ask, right? Sure, but you can always do better. Here are some suggestions.

Write a Card

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The customary way is to write a bridesmaid proposal in a card. Tell her how much it means to you for her to be your bridesmaid. To achieve the best effect, keep your note short, sweet, and sassy. You can add a cute photo of you and her, though.

Use Clothes

Buy cheap bridesmaid dress that you can sew the word bridesmaid on, and leave a note with the day and date of the wedding. Put the robe and the note in a box, and watch your friend as she opens your present. The surprise should delight the two of you.

Put It in a Fortune Cookie

You may want to be more subtle about it. If you’re feeling lazy and all you want to do is order Chinese takeout, you may as well throw in the surprise by baking fortune cookies and reading fortunes as you watch movies and enjoy your chow mein.

Use Scrabble Tiles

Maybe you can invite your friends to a sleepover party at your home and play Scrabble. When it becomes your turn to put tiles on the Scrabble board, you can spell out “Be my bridesmaid” there. Of course, you have to make sure the girls don’t notice the extra tiles before your big reveal.

Make a Bridesmaid’s Survival Kit

Put together a few of the wedding-day essentials in a small tin box: mints, sticks of gum, hair pins, a needle and a spool of thread (to avoid possible wardrobe malfunction), and some adhesive bandages (in case of blistered feet). Give this to your future bridesmaid.

Shoot a Video

If you have the time and the tools, take a video of yourself asking your friend to be your bridesmaid. Better yet, you can create a storyline about your proposal and ask friends to be the actors in the story or edit the video for you.

Write a Poem

Put your creative-writing skills to good use by writing a few rhyming verses that contain your bridesmaid proposal. The poem doesn’t have to sound like something Pablo Neruda had written, but it does need to be fun and playful.

Wrapping Up

The wedding preparations don’t need to be too serious all throughout. Popping the question to your potential bridesmaids can be done in a unique way that they will remember for the rest of their lives. You only need to be resourceful and creative about it.


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