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Planning a wedding is something breeds tremendous excitement – you get to figure out all of the beautiful pieces of the puzzle that makes the day special. It also creates quite a bit of stress for some, unfortunately, as the reality hits that there’s quite a lot of work to do! It’s all worth it, though, as you get to have a morning, afternoon and evening dedicated to you and your loved one.

As we said, though, there’s a lot to be sorted before the big day arrives. One of the main aspects is the party in the evening. Everyone turns up to see you and your fiancé tie the knot, but the proceedings, later on, are also a big draw whether you like it or not! There are a bunch of ways you can entertain your guests. If you’re not too sure about what you can do, let’s go through some.       


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You’ll want music to be played during a party – that’s a given. Sure, humans gathered together can create a fantastic atmosphere on their own, but it helps when you have classic floor-filling anthems belting out from the speakers. You can get a DJ to set up in the corner of the room and play classics all evening if you want. As it’s just one person, getting a DJ is usually a nice, cheap option if you don’t want to splash your cash.  

A Band

If you want a more genuine sound, you can get a band to play for everyone – that’s another popular choice. You may get a recommendation through word of mouth, but the internet provides a lot of information nowadays as there are a bunch of websites that advertise and promote different groups. You can choose specific areas of the country and find the right band for you. For example, if you are getting married in Surrey, you could look for different Surrey wedding bands from Alive Network. If you’re tying the knot up north, you could browse around for different groups there too. It would be more costly than a DJ traditionally due to the number of people performing, but it would be worth it if you fancy that concert feel.  

For The Kids

The children may enjoy the evening, but the chances are that they’ll get bored and want to do something else. You can hire lots of different types of kids’ entertainment, like magicians and clowns, to keep them occupied while the adults have their time.


If you don’t like people making fools of themselves trying to sing legendary songs, then you’re made of stone. To keep the show going on while the paid entertainers are having a little break, you could bust out the karaoke machine and get everyone laughing – there might even be a shock performance on the cards.

Something Unique

You can have whatever you want, in all honesty. As long as it’s not hurting anyone, you can pick something truly different, unique and personal. The sky’s the limit, and it’s all down to your own creativity, really. You might want to do something that’s linked to the day you two first met. Or something that relates to a weird quirk you both have. If you have an idea and want to do it: show it off!  

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