PLANNING | 7 Ways the Groom Can Help with Wedding Planning

When it comes to wedding planning, it is usually the bride-to-be and her entourage who make most of the decisions and do the bulk of the hard work, from starting an wedding mood board to choosing the wedding cake and the decorations. It does not help when most groups balk at the thought of joining the planning process. A wedding involves two persons, so the planning should be something that you need get involved in as well.

Although most brides-to-be, with the help of the women in their lives, do not really need your help but they do need to know they are not alone in the lead-up to your big day. Being there and lending a steady stream of support are, sometimes, enough. But you also have the power to make the wedding planning smooth sailing by considering these responsibilities.

Take the Initiative

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With a lot of details that need attention, it is easy for your bride-to-be to panic and get stressed. Take some of the pressure off her by helping out with the things that are urgent, like taking care of the venue, negotiating with the vendors, and helping out with the decisions on your wedding menu. Your bride will appreciate your support and effort.

Learn to Speak Up

You can’t just leave every decision to the bride, even if she tells you to let her do so. Make sure that you give your input especially when it comes to things that matter to you. If you prefer a particular dessert for your reception, let her know.

When your choices clash, you can both learn to make a compromise to accommodate both of your preferences. After all, a wedding is for both the bride and the groom. You deserve to be heard as well.

Accomplish Your Specific Tasks

Tackle your specific tasks, such as choosing your groomsmen and getting your engagement ring, with gusto. The latter takes careful consideration since it has to be something special but also not too expensive to ruin your budget. You have the choice whether to splurge or to be more practical and go for a more affordable option for wedding rings.

There is also your wedding suit to consider, which you need to make sure complements your bride’s chosen gown. Visit somewhere like tailor cambridge to see which suit style looks best on you. It is also your duty to organise the wedding rehearsal dinner and write and practice your vow.

Decide with Your Fiancée

Keeping all your specific tasks in mind, you should also remember that there are things you need to decide on as a couple. This includes the date of your wedding, location, budget, guest list, and ceremony details.

Find Your Best Man

Choosing your best man is one of the most integral parts of your groom duties. After all, your best man is your sidekick, the one who helps you relax and lessen the pressure on all the wedding preparations and especially on the day of the ceremony. He must be someone dependable and reliable to help you with your tasks and give you the necessary support.

Show Your Appreciation

It’s a nice touch to give your fiancée a gift just before the ceremony. It means you are thinking of her and you can both take a private moment to make a special memory. A piece of jewelry like a necklace or bracelet is a great idea as they are thoughtful and not too flashy.

But it’s not only the bride you need to show your appreciation to. There are also your best man and groomsmen, who made the effort and took the time to be on your special day. Thank them by getting them meaningful gifts.

There are many groomsmen gift ideas that will help you get something practical, personalized, and memorable. Make sure to prepare the gifts during the planning process so you won’t rush into it once the wedding date looms.

Allow Her to Vent

Stress and frustration are common when it comes to the planning stages of your wedding. Your bride-to-be can really use a listening ear when the pressure proves too much. Be sure to give her your time and attention, even if it means she will only rant about the problems she encountered, like the difficult wedding planner or the florist, who cannot understand what she wants.

Most guys will proceed to list off solutions, but you should know that sometimes it is more important for women to be simply listened to. Be patient and supportive.

For something as big and as complex as a wedding, you will expect a lot of brainstorming and practical work. Showing up and lending a hand can mean a lot to your bride-to-be and lessen the stress that the whole process creates.

Take this as an opportunity to show your fiancée how involved you can be in the planning stages, proving her right in saying yes to you. Your wedding day is the beginning of your life together. You may as well do it right from the very start, and that includes the wedding planning.

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