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PLANNING | 5 Misconceptions About Wedding Invitations

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There’s no doubt that personalized wedding invitations give your guests a feel for your wedding day in advance, and lay the foundation for a memorable wedding experience. Your beautiful wedding invitations are designed to provide all of the necessary information that your guests need to know about your special day – the day and date, the venue for the wedding ceremony and reception, and times and directions. 

Because how you present all of this information sets the tone for the main event, there are many misconceptions and myths surrounding wedding invitations…

Personalized Wedding Invitations Are Ultra Expensive

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With so many beautiful personalized wedding invitations and wedding stationery options to select from these days, choosing the perfect design for your special day can be daunting and overwhelming. To ensure wedding aesthetics are maintained, personalized wedding invitations that cost a little extra are well worth budgeting for. This doesn’t mean that you have to blow your allocated stash of cash in one go though. Creatively mixing and matching premium quality wedding stationery with DIY elements can help you save on the overall expense. 

Choose the best quality, thick paper that you can afford for your personalized wedding invitations, and save money by opting for decorative embellishments that are comfortably in your price range. It’s not essential that you have hand calligraphy in metallic ink or gold embossing on your personalized wedding invitations. Creating your own personalized wedding invitations can clearly define your unique personalities, and save you cash to spend on other essential wedding day things. It’s also worth remembering that printing your personalized wedding invitations on double thick paper instantly creates the illusion of luxury and expense, at a lower cost.

Proper Wedding Invitations Are Traditional and Formal

Although an elegant and formal personalised wedding invitation certainly makes a bold statement, it’s perfectly acceptable to opt for a design that is more modern and casual instead. A traditional and formal wedding invitation is the ideal style for a grand affair that includes a church wedding and a reception in an elegant setting. 

Sophisticated wedding invitations that show off elaborate embossing may not do your special day justice, if you prefer your wedding to be a little more low key. Consider your budget, and style and design preferences, when choosing the perfect personalized wedding invitations. There is nothing improper about informal wedding invitations that offer an opportunity to express your originality and creativity. 

Wedding Invitation Wording Rules Should Never Be Broken

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Modern-minded couples know that it’s not essential that you strictly follow all of the traditional etiquette rules, when writing out your personalised wedding invitations. Unless you’re getting wed in a formal ceremony that follows on from the traditions passed down through generations in your family, it’s ok to break a few rules.

When composing the words for your wedding invitations it’s a good idea to refer to traditional etiquette rules for reference. Include all of the important information, and carefully check the grammar and spellings. Although it’s considered proper to include the names of those hosting your wedding on the top of your invitation, this is one tradition that applies to fewer couples these days.

Let your personality as a couple shine through the wording of your personalised wedding invitations. Reserve the formalities for the main event details – day, date, time, venue etc – and add personal touches, like poetry or song lyrics that create a unique couple’s style. 

Guests Must Be Formally Addressed

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Unless you’re inviting just a handful of people to celebrate your nuptials, you will most likely have to wade through a long list of family members and friends, and remember different last names and other updated changes, when writing out your wedding invitations.

Addressing your personalised wedding invitations in a formal manner may feel unnatural, if you’re not used to this style of communication. If that’s the case, stick to the rules when writing out the invitations for parents and other guests of that generation, and simplify things on the invitations for your close personal friends. A more casual tone of address is perfectly suitable for an informal wedding, provided that you don’t make any mistakes on the name and address spellings.

Your Wedding Invitation Envelopes Must Be White

White personalized wedding invitations and wedding stationery is undoubtedly elegant, beautiful, and timelessly classic. Alternative shades of white, like ivory and cream are also popular color choices for all types of formal and informal weddings. This doesn’t mean that these are the only color options available for your wedding invitation envelopes. Wedding stationery doesn’t have to follow strict style rules.

Make your personalised wedding invitations stand out by choosing envelops that flaunt a pop of colour. To create an elegant and contemporary statement, select envelops for your wedding invitations in a light colour, like rose, blush, dove grey, sage green or soft turquoise, and complement with calligraphy in a strong, deep and bold colour. Calligraphy in metallic inks is perfect for wedding invitation envelopes that boast a rich, dark colour. Do bear in mind that this type of ink will be more expensive than standard coloured inks that are used for digital printing. 

Alternatively, you can combine the traditional/formal white style with a modern colourful approach. Choose classic white for the outer envelope of your personalised wedding invitations, and the colour of your choice for the self-addressed envelope that is enclosed inside, for the RSVP card.

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