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New Deal Site Features Plus Size Designer Fashions – Ideeli

I absolutely, absolutely {yep I meant to write it twice} love deal sites and especially clothing ones because who doesn’t love getting a deal.  And just the thought of getting deals on name brand clothes is definitely a plus for me. But I tend to stray away from them because they very rarely have plus size clothing sections and when they do it’s not a great selection.  So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I got the call from a rep at Ideeli, an online shop that is making a commitment to creating a destination that offers on-trend fashion to all consumers, regardless of size or budget.  They feature name brand sales from the most popular brands in the industry as well as highly curated fashion focused events.  The rep wanted to chat about a new a section that they had but that they were revamping and sprucing it up a bit, their Plus Size Section.

Now, to be honest I hadn’t heard of them because when I do shop online I tend to stick to my online buying sites that I’m familiar with so I don’t have to worry about sizing or size issues because I’ve shopped with them before.   So I was taking a complete leap of faith just to check them out and see what they were about.  BUT, I was pleasantly surprised because they had a great selection of plus size clothes and not just any clothes but name brand selection and it was fabulous.  I think their main advantage is that they have an evolving selection of clothes, they usually only keep clothes in rotation of up to a week.  They have it set up so that they  launch a plus-size pieces shop every week- lasting for 7 days featuring everything from on-trend tops, dresses, and pants all up to 70% off offered in sizes 14 and up! Check out the link to our live sale from this week HERE.

So that means that you need to purchase things when you see them because they might not be there when you go to look for them again.

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I actually had the pleasure of going through the whole process and it was seamless.  I enjoyed shopping and checking out all the different things they had available.  I will say you can’t be in a rush to just hop on and find something because they have tons.  Ideeli does only allow you to keep something in your cart for up to 20 minutes and then it goes back into general circulation so if you love it you’ve got to pick it up and get it when you see.

Here are a few plus size things I got

cidi (1)

SEVEN7 Plus Big Stitch Bootcut Jean
Retail $89.99 Paid $19.99

Purchase these SEVEN7 Plus Big Stitch Bootcut Jean 

cidi (2)

Plus Printed Button Front Top with Embellishment
Retail $98 Paid $7.99

Purchase this Plus Printed Button Front Top with Embellishment 

cidi (3)

SEVEN7 Plus Distressed Hem Embellished Short
Retail $59.99 Paid $14.99

Purchase SEVEN7 Plus Distressed Hem Embellished Shorts cidi

SHE’S COOL Plus Printed Maxi Tank Dress
Retail $49.99 Paid $14.99

Purchase She’s Cool Plus Printed Maxi Tank Dress 

It’s so encouraging to see a company taking the initiative to really get in touch and reach out to a demographic that they aim to please and supply with the fashions and options that we want. They have reached out to me as an expert in the industry and they are here to help in anyway that they can to make sure that we as plus size women get fashionable, and budget friendly fashions. If you have any suggestions that you would like passed on to the company let me know in the comments.   And please take a few minutes to visit the site and let me know what you think.


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