Motivation Today: Showing Off Your Body
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The above quote is by the beautiful Marilyn Monroe and speaks true to what I’m discussing today, showing off your body. When I was a kid, I was very self-concious about my body. I always wore dark clothing that was two times my size such as baggy jeans, hoodies and sweaters. I even wore sweaters in the summertime and it was very uncomfortable to say the least. Those clothes were my safety blanket; I hid behind them feeling that the more my body was covered up, the better I looked.

I soon found that I was wrong as I got older and began wearing clothes that didn’t make me look like an Eskimo. All of a sudden, I was wearing shorts, leggings and tank tops in brighter colors. People actually complimented my attire this time around and each time, I walked down the street holding my head high.

I believe that the best way to gain confidence in your body resides in what you wear. Sure, you can get a plastic surgeon austin to adjust a few things that you don’t like but if you’re dressing confidently then you feel even better about yourself. Covering every inch of your skin only adds to the problem and makes you feel even more awkward than before. If you’re used to wearing dark, ill fitting clothes, try breaking that habit for a day by putting on a bright short-sleeved shirt and capris. The next day, wear another bright shirt, perhaps a tank top, with a breathable jacket and a pair of jeans. Wear something similar the day after that and for the next couple of days. Doing this builds your self-confidence allowing you to break out of your shell and reveal your true personality. It took me years to finally toss my hoodie aside, so don’t be discouraged if you’re not 100 percent proud of your body after the first day.

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As long as you take your time and make an effort, you’ll be able to open the door to a better, happier you.

How to do you show off your body?



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