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{MOTIVATION MONDAYS} Fall In Love with your Plus Size Swimsuit



Since this is the beginning of summer, it’s time to kick back, relax and get in the pool! One of my favorite summer activities is swimming. I enjoy that first dive into the cool water when temperatures are at an all time high and swimming laps back and forth until my arms give out. It’s a fun way to stay cool in the hot sun. But what I love most about swimming is showing off my new plus size swimsuits.The summer season also means swimsuit season and you’ve got to look your best to impress everyone when you go down to the beach. But if you think you’re going to wear all your clothes or a towel around you the entire time, you’ve got another thing coming!

I know that as plus sized women, one of the things we don’t like to wear are swimsuits. They show too much of our bodies and quite frankly, we feel uncomfortable in them because of its skin tight material. So in order not to draw too much attention on our figure, we either cover up or walk around in our street clothes. I was guilty of this too, but wearing jeans and a T-shirt in 90 degree weather becomes pretty annoying after a while. In the end, it’s better to keep cool wearing your swimsuit then force yourself to bake in the heat by trying to cover up. The goal is to spend your time playing in the water and you can’t do that in jeans and a T-shirt. But don’t think that because you should wear one that it’s the end of the world.

So don’t let other people deter you from enjoying the summer and wearing what you want to wear, REGARDLESS!  Share some of your favorite plus size swimsuits in the comments so that we can have fall in love with your swimsuit.

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There’s a variety of swimwear to choose from:

1) The Classic One-Piece: Want to wear something simple? Go for the classic one-piece swimsuit. It’s probably the most commonly worn swimwear of all time and anyone of all ages can don this look as they splash away in the water.

 ANNE COLE SIGNATURE  Royal Hawaiin Blouson One-Piece  Retail $114.00 Pay $39.99
ANNE COLE SIGNATURE Royal Hawaiin Blouson One-Piece
Retail $114.00 Pay $39.99

2) The One-Piece with Skirt or Shorts: If you’re looking for more coverage but still want to enjoy the feel of a swimsuit, go for this type of one-piece. You can choose to buy one with a skirt attached at the bottom or one with shorts. Either way they’re light and don’t expose your body as much, so it’s a win win situation.

 ANNE COLE SIGNATURE  Drape Halter Swimdress  Retail $124.00 Pay $49.99
ANNE COLE SIGNATURE Drape Halter Swimdress
Retail $124.00 Pay $49.99

3) The Two-Piece: It’s basically the same as a one-piece with a skirt or shorts, but instead of being attached, they come as a pair. There’s the swim top and the swim bottom, so if you bought more than one two-piece swimsuits, you can pretty much change up your swim outfit whenever you want. Think of the endless possibilities there!


With these swimwear choices, you can’t go wrong. They’re all different, but they get the job done in style and make you look good. So the next time your family and friends ask you to swim with them at the beach, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and make waves as you cannonball into the water with your one or two-piece suit.

Now I want to hear from you! Do you like swimming? What’s your favorite type of swimsuit to wear (mine is the one-piece with a skirt)? Leave your comments below and thanks for reading!!

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