Motivation Monday

Motivation Mondays: Everyone Gets a Fairy Tale

Motivation Mondays: Everyone Gets a Fairy Tale


A popular phrase being thrown around in my age group is that we are all going to be “forever alone.” Of course we don’t know this for a fact and because our lives are so uncertain, it’s best to not automatically judge or label ourselves in this way, but we do. If we haven’t been out on a date with someone in months or have never been engaged or married, we like to assume that we’ll never have that fairy tale ending and that we’ll be stuck living our ordinary, day to day lives. But this isn’t true.

Some of the best things happen in our lives when we don’t plan for it. They happen when we’re down and out or when we’re at the ends of our ropes. That’s why it’s important to let things happen as they should. If you spend all your time fretting about your problems and labeling yourself as a failure, you won’t continue to grow and succeed. I am nowhere near that part in my life where Prince Charming comes in and sweeps me off my feet, but I believe that such a happy ending happens to everyone and will eventually happen to me. One only needs to be patient and live their life to the fullest until he arrives.

My advice to you is not to worry. One day, your prince will come and when he finally does show up in a horse drawn carriage waiting just for you, it’ll be when you least expect it.

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So, what do you think? Do you believe that no matter how long it takes, everyone gets their fairy tale ending? Leave your comments below and thanks for reading! 

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