Motivation Monday

{Motivation Monday} Plus Size? More Like My Size Body Positive Ted Talk by Ashley Graham

Image via Today Show

I decided to switch it up a bit for today’s Motivation Monday.  Typically I share motivational images but today I’m sharing a video from Ashley Graham an amazing plus size model.  She did aTEDxBerkleeValencia talk in Spain that moved me so much I had to share.  The talk was entitled “Plus Size? More Like My Size,” and she talked about her journey in recognizing her own self love and how she has come to accept her own body.  She actually shares stories of how hard it has been for her. She ended with expressing her passion for body diversity and the importance of shifting the beauty conversion from one size fits all to all sizes fit all.


Check out the video below.  What is your favorite part?


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Shafonne Myers is a certified wedding and event planner who longed for bridal inspiration that looked like her. She has created a website and magazine that brings bridal inspiration to plus size brides. She does speaking engagements educating the world about plus size brides and self confidence.
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