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How to Design Your Engagement Ring

Proposal season is in full swing and with Valentine’s Day this week, engagement rings are probably on the minds of tons of plus size brides to be. Having your special person pop the big question can be the most exciting time of your life. BUT, have you ever thought of actually helping to design the engagement ring. Now, I know that some brides like the surprise but if you are anything like me and probably quite a few other brides, you might need to nudge your special person in the right direction. I mean, come on, not many grooms to be know much about rings and truly deep down really want to know what you like. After one of my friends got married a couple of years ago, I found out you actually can design your own ring and I couldn’t believe it! I am sure she used a similar company to Vanessa Nicole. Rebecca (my friend) told us about her amazing experience, and explained how she was told ” Vanessa Nicole will be by your side every step of the way to answer any questions you may have. ” this drew her in completely and she wanted to give it a go! The outcome was beautiful and it caught everyones attention. From hearing these stories I knew one day I would give it a go myself.
When it came around to be my time to shine, we found a company who we had heard good things about previously. Well, we have the perfect thing for you. You can now also design your engagement ring at James Allen.

This is a halo engagement ring which contains a larger stone in the middle that comes in many different shapes and sizes and mimics a solitaire ring. Halo engagement rings also have micro pave diamonds around them giving the illusion of volume and size to the center ring and increasing the overall sparkle. This type of ring has become very popular for celebrities and royals looking for a prominent yet feminine ring.

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This is a pave diamond ring which is an engagement ring that has smaller diamonds in the wedding band. This makes the ring look like there is no wedding band but instead a smooth diamond surface. The pave diamonds on the side are so small that they look like they blend together and create a brillance that is like fire.

Source: via Pretty Pear Bride on Pinterest

And don’t forget about our colored gems because they are on the rise and trending. There are all types of colored gems that you can use when designing your engagement ring at James Allen; rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pink and chocolate diamonds. The possibilities are endless and can create that pop of color that so many plus size brides strive to achieve.

Source: via Pretty Pear Bride on Pinterest

Yep these delicious engagement ring candies can be yours courtesy of James Allen. And NO, my plus size bride lovelies, you don’t just get to pick them out, you get a ring you can full out design. You get to decide what diamond type, setting and band you want. And take it from someone who got to design their engagement ring it takes the engagement ring shopping and planning to a whole new level.

Did you design your own Engagement Ring? Tell us about it in the comments!

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