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Get The Ring You Want with These Seven Tips

ENGAGEMENT | Ringling Museum and Gardens Engagement | Bailey Lane Photos | Pretty Pear Bride

I’m sure if your man were to get down on bended knee with a ring from a Cracker Jack Box you’d be happy just because you get to spend the rest of your life with him. But the truth is, an eternity ring is a big investment, and since you’re going to be wearing it for all of eternity, it should be something that you’re really going to like. Since ring shopping can be a bit challenging for guys, ladies, here’s a few ways to make sure he gets something you want.

Show Him a Picture

If you and your beau have been together for some time, then you are inclined to start dropping hints. A great way to be obvious would be to show him a picture of what you want. This doesn’t mean you have to call him into the room and point it out, but find a creative way to make sure that he sees the type of ring you’re interested in. Go to a website that sells halo engagement rings and leave the computer on this page purposely. Or you can cut a picture out of a magazine and leave it somewhere he might find it.

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Go Shopping Together

If you’ve talked about getting married before, suggest going ring shopping. Even if you don’t plan on getting engaged for a while, your guy will have a general idea of where to go, what size ring you wear, what types of metals you like, and more importantly what ring styles you’re most interested in. This would also take the mystery out of ring shopping for him as you could easily shop for his wedding band at the same time.

Send Your BFF

Okay so you and your best friend have likely gone jewelry shopping or at least talked about engagement rings in the past. Therefore, she should have a good idea of which rings would really put a smile on your face. Again, if you’ve talked about getting married in the past, suggest that he take your best friend or a close relative with him so that it’s easier.

Work with a Jeweler

If you have a jewelry store that you like, consider working with the jeweler to customize various ring ideas for the future. They can help you with choosing settings, metal types, stones, cuts, and style. This way, when your guy is ready to pop the question he can visit the jewelry store you frequent and talk with the jeweler to come up with a ring that will blow you away.

Leave Your Jewelry Around

For inspiration and sizing, you can drop a hint to your beau about the type of engagement ring you want by leaving your jewelry around. He can get some ideas on what you already wear and choose a ring that compliments your tastes.

Just Be Surprised

Your guy has been with you long enough to have some idea of what your taste in jewelry is like. Therefore, if all else fails, you can just trust your guy to get a ring that will make you happy.

Just Tell Him

If you really want to be bold and daring all you have to do is tell him exactly what you want. If you’re nonchalantly discussing marriage one day, you can just say, “If you were to propose to me, I want a______ ring.” This way, there is no confusion and no real room for error.

The above tips are sure to help you get closer to getting the engagement ring that you want. At the end of the day, an engagement ring is only a symbol of the love that your fiancé has for you. The ring and the precious moments leading up to the proposal are just insight on exactly how much he loves and cares for you, so don’t get too caught up in the hype of bling. Your engagement is about you and the man you love.

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