{Real Wedding} Multicultural Fall Navy Blue Vintage Wedding at Cultural Botanical Garden | Petronella Photography

FASHION FRIDAY | Don’t Overshadow The Bride! Wedding Guest Styles

{Real Wedding} Multicultural Fall Navy Blue Vintage Wedding at Cultural Botanical Garden | Petronella Photography

It’s great when you get a wedding invitation. You can raid your wardrobe for your finest fashions and dust them off for the big day, but then a dilemma occurs (as it always does) and before you know it, you’ve whittled down a list of 15 dresses to 2, but they are both terrible, or they make you look too good! That may not be a bad thing to most, but think about it, you’re going to a wedding, and the worst thing you can do is to look better than the bride. It’s just not worth it. With some simple choices, you can make yourself look elegant yet understated.

Let’s start with some of the no-nos. No see-through tops, anything bare-backed or plunging necklines, or anything that can totally upstage the bride! What you can wear is plenty. If the wedding is quite a formal affair, it is perfectly acceptable to wear black or white, but you need to make sure you’re accessorizing with a brighter color. But if you go for black, don’t make it a full-length one, as it’s sure to upstage the bride, and don’t dress head to toe in black because it will make you look like you’re going to a funeral. So, try a dark skirt with a light coat, and you can use white as an accessory but make sure it’s with a strong color. Or if you want to go full-length, a gray maxi dress is understated, with pleats if it’s a black tie wedding. 

Color schemes are a nightmare in choosing the perfect wedding guest garb. If you know the bride’s color scheme, I would recommend that you avoid that at all costs! When it comes to the right accessories, shoes are a free for all when it comes to choice (note I said shoes, not boots) and you can go heeled or flat. But wear them in a couple of weeks before the day. If you have been invited to a posh wedding, and the invitation requests you wear a hat or fascinator, then please wear one as it is the dress code. A fascinator is a better choice because it can suit most heads.

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Dress code is a big determiner of the style of the day. There are quirky wedding couples that would request you wear big shapes or vintage, or a Paisley Grace Boutique-style affair which is full of color and floral patterns and even jeans. And there are more couples that are forgoing the latest fashion trends for their own styles. You simply have to take it on a wedding by wedding basis.

Your jewelry choices can vary of course, but this is a wedding where the best item of jewelry should be worn by the bride, not you! Go for simple and understated, not showy, but classy. Long and bulky earrings should be shunned in favor of simple and small pieces, diamonds maybe. But don’t upstage the bride. There are many options to go for, and the bride and groom will be the yardstick on how you dress, not the venue. So dress well.

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