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I am absolutely in love with today’s engagement session! I love the combination of nature and elegance that makes this shoot feel so real.  And don’t forget the whole tying the note symbolism. LOVE!! Check out more below.

Jackie & Donald

Tell us about your engagement session: Don proposed to me on Saturday evening at The Umstead Hotel & Spa when he knew my wonderful niece and professional photographer would be in town on a style shoot. The Umstead has always been one of my very favorite places in NC and the engagement shoot was a surprise the morning after our engagement!  We are also planning to marry at the same location.

Tell us about your first meeting: I interviewed for a job as his assistant and I thought, “there is no way I’m working for this guy!”  I went on to take the job and assist him for a number of years before we ended up getting personally involved.

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Tell us about your First Date: Our first date was a bit awkward because we had worked together for so long and were totally professional. It was a simple dinner and we ended up talking for hours. On this date, he gave me a card in a beautiful box. (and that’s also how he proposed!)

Tell us about your First Kiss: Our first kiss was on our first date. Don says that’s when he knew he was “in trouble.”

Tell us about the proposal: Don proposed to me at Herons restaurant, my favorite, in The Umstead Hotel after a delicious dinner. Our server presented me with a beautiful boxed card that professed his love for me and he wrote at the bottom, “Will you be me wife?” which is why he needs me as his assistant! When I looked at him, he was holding a beautiful ring and I said, yes!  It was one of the best moments of my life. We stayed the night in a beautiful suite in the hotel.

Photography: Hannah Nicole PhotographyVenue: The Umstead Hotel & Spa | Makeup: Officially Beat by Rene 

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