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ENGAGEMENT | T-Shirt and Jeans by the Bay | Chip Dizard

This casual engagement shoot took place by the Chesapeake Bay in a park. It’s such a cute picnic theme. I love it! And you know what I love even more, that she is a gorgeous plus size bride to be!

Anthony and Tara love t-shirts with messages and denim so of course it would make perfect sense for them to sport both in their session. They love to be comfortable plus since they were dressed casual the park was the best option for them. They met 28 years ago in the 7th grade in t-shirts and jeans, so they wanted to keep with the same energy for their engagement shoot.

Tell us about your first meeting: We met in the 7th grade at our middle school. We stuck together like glue. We walked to and from class together, walked the halls together and sat by each other in class together. We were best friends. I had a crush on him and he had a crush on me but we never found out until last year where we reconnected at his cousin’s wedding. We kept in touch and 4 months later decided to make it official. Anthony asked me to marry him on May 23, 2020 Tell us about your First Date: Our first real date was when Anthony took me in downtown Baltimore to see the Christmas lights. It was beautiful. Christmas is both of our favorite time of the year so it was perfect. Afterwards, we walked to a neighborhood pizza joint and had dinner. That night it felt like we had been together already for years. Nothing awkward at all about that night. Everything was perfect! Tell us about your First Kiss: Anthony took me to one of my friend’s birthday party. We met up because the party was down the beltway closer to where he lives. I parked my car and got in his and as soon as I got in, he grabbed my face and said “let me tell you something”, but then he kissed me. He said he wanted to do that for many years. Tell us about the proposal: So Because we already set a wedding date back in November, we started wedding planning in January.  We had to start planning before the official proposal to make sure we booked the vendors we wanted early.  Being as though the wedding is in August.  Having said that, my Apostle agreed that we could start our premarital classes before Anthony proposed. So our first class was Sat. May 23rd.  That morning  Anthony was late arriving to my house but we ended up making it.  My church is across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge so it’s near the water so we went to the water and hung out, got ice cream and chilled out.  Came back to my house that evening and when I came back downstairs from my shower, Anthony had candles lit and the lights were out.  I didn’t think anything of it, just thought a nice movie my candle light. I sat down and I asked him what we were getting ready to watch and he started rambling about the events of the day starting from him getting to my house late.  I said “ok baby but what does that have to do with the movie we are watching”? Then I looked down and I saw the ring box, I didn’t even see him go in his pocket to get it.  I screamed when I saw it and he said “Tara will you marry me”? I said Yes of course I will and I hugged him and cried for like 2 minutes at least. I was smiling at the same time.  It’s like I was in a state of shock because I obviously had no idea.  He then began to tell me that he planned to do it when we were at the water, but he had forgotten the ring in his bag. I told him it didn’t even matter, because at home, with just us two, was so beautiful and intimate and just as wonderful if not better.  So there you have it, that’s our engagement story.  As I’m typing this, I’m still smiling ear to ear. I will be Mrs. Anthony Walker on August 1, 2020 and I absolutely can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him!! HE PUT A RING ON IT YASSSSS!!!


Photographer: Chip Dizard | Makeup: Ashley Callaway

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