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I absolutely love Asheville North Carolina! If you haven’t been you must add it to your list. It is such a melting pot of people and things to do. You can be low key and just explore the downtown and historically stuff or you can be adventure and try out the night life and restaurants.  So of course when I saw this super cute outdoor engagement session I feel in love, but I fell in love more when I realized it was set in one of my favorite places.  Enjoy!

Ben & KaMeesha



Tell us about your first meeting: KaM – Ben and I “met” on Tinder of all places! I’d been back in the country for less than a month and was super skeptical about Tinder. But when he messaged me asking what Harry Potter house I’m in, I was so down for a date! We messaged back and forth then started texting pretty regularly until our first date. Ben – We met on Tinder! KaM was the best swipe I ever made. We both had profile photos in Florence with the Duomo in the background. We started chatting about traveling, Harry Potter, X-Men and the rest is history. Tell us about your First Date: KaM – Our first date was at a really nice Spanish restaurant (because I’d told him that Spain is one of my favorite countries and he’s thoughtful like that?). I was soooo nervous. When he walked up I was bending down talking to a baby (normal behavior for me) and when I saw him I just felt… so lucky and safe. We spent the whole night talking, eating, and drinking. And it’s been the two of us ever since. Ben – Our first date was at The Iberian Pig which is a great tapas restaurant in Decatur, GA. I met her on the square in Decatur and when I walked up she was already making friends with some people and playing with their dog. We had a great date over dinner, trying some delicious tapas and wine and confirming that we had the same tastes in both of those.  Tell us about your First Kiss: KaM – our first kiss was that same night ? we had a bottle and a half of wine I think so the emptier the restaurant got and the typsier we got the closer we seemed to be pulled to each other and ended up making out in a very nice restaurant like teenagers! Ben – Our first kiss happened at the end of dinner during our first date. We both had our share of wine, the lights were low and it was very romantic. KaM looked up at me and made her sexy eyes so I went in for a kiss and after that went well, a few more. I drove her to her friend’s house that night and we made out in the car for a long time. It was the best date ever 🙂 Tell us about the proposal: KaM – Ben told me not to expect the proposal until April or May. One random Saturday, I should’ve realized he was too excited lol. He woke me up early to make sure I looked how I like to look (he had a photographer friend of ours hiding in the bushes and he knows how I feel about photography!) and he said we should try out this super fancy restaurant. But Ben is always sweet and thoughtful so honestly, I just went about my day. He had to trick me to get me to the park where he proposed and had a trumpet player playing our song (la vie en rose). We danced in the park and then he got down on one day. The most incredible day. Ben – The proposal was my best project to date. I am a Creative Director, so I wanted a bit of showmanship and to help create a memorable moment. I planned the whole production in detail for several weeks, enlisted the help of my friends and hired a musician. On March 25th, I got up early and made sure KaM did too. She had to go to work and I wanted to make sure she had plenty of time to get ready and do her makeup. She is a makeup artist by hobby and I knew she would want to be looking her best for our proposal photos. I took her to work and then went and got a haircut. After that, I ran home to pick up my drone. I am a drone pilot and photographer so I used that as an excuse to invite KaM out to the park after she got off work to shoot video of the perfect Spring day. I left early to go to the park and meet my friend, who is an amazing photographer, as well as the trumpet player I hired to go over the plan. After getting everything set up with them, I headed over to pick Kam up from work. On the way, I called her daddy to ask for his permission to propose to KaM. I waited until the last minute because I knew he would say yes and I knew that I wouldn’t have long before the news spread. After I picked KaM up from work, we went to the park and started flying the drone as we normally would. After a few minutes of flying, I put the drone in to a hover and that was the cue for my trumpet player. He walked to a spot near us and started playing our song “La Vie En Rose”. That’s when I started slow dancing with KaM and my photographer crept up to start taking photos. As the song got to it’s lull, the trumpet player paused and I got down on one knee and proposed. The trumpet player started back up with the crescendo as KaM said, “Yes!” and then we kissed and celebrated. Some girls who were picnicking in the park took some video on their phones and I had a GoPro and of course my drone footage, so I put together a little video of the whole proposal. You can check it out here:

Write a short letter to each other:  KaM -My dear little bear. How’d I get so lucky!? I’m so proud of the life and relationship we’re building and constantly improving. You are the love of my life and the best friend I’ll ever have. Ben – My Dear KaMy Lambs, I am so grateful that you came in to my life and that we will share the rest of our lives together. You are my best friend and I love you more every day. Always, Ben

Vendor Love – Photography: LaJoy Photography |  Venue: Asheville School | Venue

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