ENGAGEMENT | New York Park Engagement | Kate Famiglietti | Pretty Pear Bride

ENGAGEMENT | New York Park Engagement | Kate Famiglietti

I love New York, the hustle the bustle, the amazing food and even the vibe of the people. But the one thing that I do truly enjoy about NYC are the amazing parks and outdoor spaces that have been created.  Today’s couple did their engagement session at a park in New York and I just love it!

Zia & Adam

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Vendor Love – Photography: Kate Famiglietti  | Venue: Riverside Park

Tell us about your engagement session: Since our engagement last January, we have been waiting to do a shoot in Riverside Park, across the street from our apartment, while the cherry blossom trees are in bloom. Unfortunately, every day for the past three weeks of optimal blossoms has come with rain and cold. This past Thursday we finally had a beautiful (albeit overcast) day, complete with those gorgeous sweet smelling blossoms and grounds blanketed in powder pink-and-purple. The rain held out for the most part, but a light misting of precipitation in the early evening made for a dreamy and romantic vibe. And following the traditional significance of cherry blossoms as a representation of life’s overwhelming beauty but also its bittersweet fragility, the blossoms were gone almost the very next day. Tell us about your first meeting: Adam & I were introduced by a mutual friend. Thinking back to that first night, I can honestly say it wasn’t an instant love at first sight connection. Instead, Adam & I grew closer as friends. He was always so generous and, although quite, has a phenomenal sense of humor. Tell us about your First Date: Our first date took place at a local restaurant by our college (Rochester Institute of Technology), where we met. It’s an interesting dynamic going from friends to dating, because all those typical first date conversations “Where did you grow up? How many siblings? What are your hobbies?” Have already been answered. Over our first date, we had the opportunity to rediscover each other in a different light. Once we let the friendship barrier down, it was so easy to fall in love with him. Tell us about your First Kiss: Our first kiss took place later that night – after our first date – back in 2010, and from that moment on, we have been together. It took us over seven years to get to our engagement shoot, but it feels like yesterday we were walking down the quarter mile of our college campus from the residence halls to classes. Since that night we have spent every day building a life together – a life that now includes two amazing dogs, Gus & Polly. Tell us about the proposal: Adam & me both happen to be very uncomfortable with the idea of romance, it isn’t something that comes naturally to us like most couples. We don’t make sweeping declarations of love, or write each other letters (ironically, this is making vow-writing very hard). However, one of the only times we get into the romantic mood is when we watch Love Actually. It happens to be one of my favorite movies, we watch it on my birthday, valentines day, over Christmas, and sometimes, President’s day. It has sort of become a tradition over the last seven years. On a random Monday (yes – a Monday), I came home to find our apartment covered with flowers, candles and sushi (another one of my favorite things), and Love Actually was qued up on our TV. After watching the entire movie (yes that’s right, all 136 minutes of it), Adam got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He had a speech prepared (also unlike us), which he delivered beautifully. I said Yes, and now, we’ve added our engagement anniversary to the list of dates we watch Love Actually! In all seriousness, some proposals are on top of mountains, some are underwater, and some are close to home. I was happy to share that amazing moment with Adam in our home that we built together.

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