ENGAGEMENT | Intimate and Sultry Rustic Mountain Session in Colorado | Brittany Photographs | Pretty Pear Bride

ENGAGEMENT | Intimate and Sultry Rustic Mountain Session in Colorado | Brittany Photographs

Today’s engagement session is hands down one of my favorite.  I can’t stop looking at how perfect these two are together. They have the best chemistry ever. It just flows through the images and into our hearts. I can see why the bride to be wanted to use this photographer even before she got engaged!  Let me stop talking so y’all can see for yourself.

Courtney & Matthew

Photography: Brittany Photographs | 

Tell us about your engagement session: Matt and I flew out to Colorado for a one-day whirlwind engagement session. We’d never been to Colorado before so we took advantage of our photographer living there to have an adventure. I fell in love with Brittany’s cinematic and ethereal photography style long before we were ever engaged, and we knew she had to be the one to capture our love. I was very nervous being a plus-sized gal having my photo taken, but both Brittany and Matt put me at ease and at the end of the day it was just so magical to look into my fiance’s eyes and focus on the love between us. Brittany’s awesome wife also helped out on the shoot, and was a total pro with the smoke bombs! We were there only one day but it is one we will never forget. We hope to spend more time exploring the area and the gorgeous landscapes.


Tell us about your first meeting: Matt and I went to the same high school  but never knew each other; he was a year ahead of me. Years after we both graduated, I was living in Los Angeles and he was back home in Virginia. He remembered me from high school and reached out to me online in the spring of 2012; we talked non-stop. Finally I came home for a routine visit and we finally got the chance to meet face to face.

Tell us about your First Date: We met at a local restaurant, and knowing Matt how deeply I know him now I look back and he was definitely very nervous. He buried himself in his burger! We got to chat about everything from school to family to aspirations, and we knew the camaraderie and attraction we had built online and on the phone translated to real life!

Tell us about your First Kiss: It was the night of our first date – we had already gotten to know each other for a few months, so it didn’t seem out of place. Matt took the lead, and it was very romantic.

Tell us about the proposal: Matt had returned home from a deployment in Afghanistan a few months prior. We went to Disney World with my parents in May 2017 (my family are Disney enthusiasts!) and on our second day there we were strolling around Epcot. Again, I could tell Matt was super nervous so I kind of had an idea of what was going on. The park was completely packed, but we found ourselves at the (strangely empty) Italian Pavillion right on the water, and with my parents present, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! It was incredible. Right at sunset, with a breeze blowing around us, I said Yes! We then enjoyed an Italian dinner and watched the amazing fireworks afterwards. If there is such a thing as a perfect proposal that was it.

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