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ENGAGEMENT | Destination Engagement Session in Czech Republic|Studio Under The Sky

This couple has been together for a while. They have two beautiful daughters together and live in the Capital city of the Czech Republic their everyday life. Their session was meant to be a couple’s portrait session in one of the most romantic towns of the Czech Republic, known as the largest and most beautiful Spa City of the country (natural mineral springs are consumed as a part of health restoring procedures). During their session, Jan revealed his plan to propose (only to me) and we made a quick plan. He went to buy ice-cream while she was window shopping luxury boutique. When she approached him, he went down on one knee holding her ice-cream with a ring in it. The session then turned into an engagement one:)

Aneta & Jan

How did you meet? I was taking dance classes with a few friends (Aneta) and met Jan’s brother there. Once him and his buddy invited us to barbecue at their house. That evening I met Jan, but I was not at all interested in him. Few months later I enrolled in another dance class and needed a partner. I remember this brother of my classmate and asked him, if he was willing to be my dance partner. He agreed and I literally fell in love with him in his arms.

What is your proposal story? I started to plan our proposal, but I was not very sure where to go with it. (This is Jan) I am rather practical person and I figured that this might be one of the times I will need some help. I contacted wedding planner Zuzana who was recommended to me by a coworker, and she kindly navigated me through options and ideas till we figured out the perfect plan and the perfect place. I took Aneta for a romantic weekend gateway, as our two daughters were staying with my parents, to one of the most beautiful places you can find in the Czech Republic. Neither of us has been there before, so I felt like the magic of exploring the town together would write a perfect story of a proposal. I mean, I was excited just to enjoy a little one on one time with my love. She was a little skeptical, as we were living a pretty routine life of going to work and coming home and taking care of the girls, we really had no time to ourselves for a very long time. As the weekend came along, we both got very excited. Our wedding planner scheduled a photo session for us among other fun activities for the weekend. That was our plot. I was going to propose during our “couples photo session” and have it captured forever. We did not tell the photographer about this, as we were going for the surprise to all effect. It worked out very well, we met during this beautiful morning. Our photographer was experienced and allowed us to have fun and enjoy our walk through town. Every so often she would ask us a question to make us laugh. In one moment she told me to tell Aneta what I love about her. I did, and it made her cry….we were on the right track. 

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In this town, there are natural mineral springs that are channeled to these romantic, public faucets, where the tourists and patients gather and drink these mineral waters. In order to do that, most purchase the signature porcelain cup (available on every corner with many designs). We had to pick ours of course. I thought it would be a wonderful keepsake and a memory of what was about to happen. Moments before I proposed, I gave the photographer a heads up. Aneta wanted to have an ice-cream, but lost interest for waiting in line for it. So while she window shopped down the street, I put the ring into the ice cream and waited for her to return. She was very surprised when I turned to her handing her the ice-cream and getting down on one knee. All she kept doing was saying :”I do not know what to say (after she said yes:)” and kept frantically licking the ice cream. It was hilarious. As we have a long history together at this point, it was fun to see her out of her element. We finished our session as an engagement one and had a lot of fun taking the town in for the rest of the weekend while Aneta did not stop talking about wedding plans:))))))))

Tell us about your engagement shoot outfits and accessories. Our outfits were dress-casual. We got engaged during our couples photo shoot and we found the recommendation for styling from our photographer very useful. We love her style, so we did what she thought might work the best for the style of photos we wanted. Jan had a white dress shirt with comfortable jeans to make him look good, but to not make him miserable. Aneta found a flowy pastel colored dress that complimented her figure.  

Vendor Love – Photography: Studio under the Sky | Event Planning: My Castle Wedding | Makeup: Beautifully Confident Make-up by Gennia | Wedding Dress: Orsay | Submitted via: Matchology

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