{Engagement} Camden Summer Fling + US reunion = Amazing UK E-Session

{Engagement} Camden Summer Fling + US reunion = Amazing UK E-Session

This story is pure dee AMAZING!! I couldn’t believe it while I was reading the story and then I saw the images and was memorized. Yes, I have to admit I get lost in a British accent so to add that to mix, I was done.  And this Camden summer fling fling with US reunion had me at hello!

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How we met… Back in 2003 standing in a queue for the incredibly trendy and romantic (not) Camden club – the Underworld. I asked him to take a photograph of my friends and I, there was a spark and we ended up dancing all night once inside… aided by a few shots of sambuca. As Tom lived and was studying in Ireland we had a Summer fling and we went our seperate ways. 2 years later I was living in New York and Tom flew from Ireland to declare he had not stopped thinking about me for 2 years and within 6 months we were living together in London! The proposal… Tom planned this one hard, whisking me off to Florence, Italy for 10 days. It took him 8 days in to the trip though to actually find the right moment. We were at a beautiful monastery in the Tuscan hills having just had a gorgeous meal. We were grabbing shelter before running to the car, as the heavens had opened. Suddenly I turned around to find Tom on his knee, ring in hand. We got the restaurant to re-open their doors so we could drink a toast…

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Congrats Poppy and Tomas!

Thanks to Graham Young Photography for this gorgeous submission.

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