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Today I have the pleasure of introducing one of my amazing wedding industry friends, Atosha of Larger Than Life Events.  I have known her and her amazing business for some time and am beyond excited to share her amazing love story with her fabulous husband captured by Aneris Photography.  Sit back relax and meet Atosha and Charles!

Atosha and Charles’ Love Story

Atosha and Charles connected via computer love! Yes , they met online LOL! Charles found Atosha’s profile online back when Yahoo Instant Messenger was all the rage. Atosha use to own a Plus-Size social club: Larger Than Life BBW where she hosted monthly social events all throughout SC and NC. Since she was the owner she received a ton of Instant Messages daily from random people from all over the world. Charles was super persistent and eventually their online chatting lead to on the phone chatting. After weeks of late night phone chats they agreed to meet in person. They dated for 2 months back in 2006, but after realizing that this “thing” was starting to get serious Charles bailed after a weekend trip. Atosha never heard from him again. Fast forward to 2009. Atosha moved from Columbia, SC to Charleston SC and by that time and she was employed with a different company.




Charles is a southern country boy that loves all things football, and hunting. He is retired military, engineer, sci-fi fanatic, that can build/fix anything!

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Atosha is a northern city girl who loves EVERYTHING PINK! She is a party fanatic, whimsical, believes in miracles, speaks 4 languages,over-achiever with OCD.


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Probably a week before Thanksgiving of that year her phone rings..

The first thing out of Charles’ mouth was “I was in church and the preacher was preaching and I wanted to cry!” She told him that was the Holy Ghost wanting to release some things from him. So that was it.. Their conversation from that point on was about the Bible and God. They read together, prayed together and went through Consecration together in January 2010. Their relationship was completely different from before because they were both saved. Charles drove through the snow storm of February 12, 2010 from Mullins to Charleston, SC with a mission. He proposed and stated, “I don’t care if I have a million bad days but I know that it will be ok if I am with you”. Atosha and Charles went through pre-marital counseling and they process strengthened their relationship even further. Their original wedding date was 1/1/11, but Charles took a job offer in Afghanistan and was going to leave on July 3, so they got married by an elder in the Church office on 6/20/10.

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How did you know that he/she was “The One”?

Charles – singing “the way you make me feel”…. Seriously, no matter how upset I am she can always make me smile, be happy, feel good. Just being next to her I get this warm feeling. I never felt that way before. She is always smiling and cares so much for other people. That’s my wife!

Atosha – I always saw the greatness in Charles even when we dated that short time in 2006. There was something about him that I just could never really shake. When he called me that day in 2009 all I could do was smile. He has always supported me in anything that I do. He makes me a better person and I think we compliment each other well. The added bonus is that he loves Jesus and we can pray together. After being in church with me on 1/24 (my birthday) for nearly 7 hours – that confirmed it for me. He was the one!

What advice would you give to a young couple just starting out & thinking about the “next step”?

Charles – patience! Lots of patience. Things are not going to always go right the 1st or 2nd time but just be cool it will work out. And a lot of understanding!

Atosha – Don’t rush things. Be honest. Have realistic expectations about what traits you want in your life partner. Pray. Pray some more.

What advice would you give a woman/man looking for “The One”?

Charles- I had given up on being in love and marriage after my first marriage ended. “The One” will reveal themselves to you – just be open and ready. Let go of all that baggage.

Atosha – You don’t have to look. Your God ordained mate will find you!


Atosha and Charles are Larger Than Life Events and Design; a full service event planning and design company based in SC and available for travel domestically and internationally.

Vendor Love ~ Photography: Aneris Photography

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