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{Wedding Tip Thursday} Top Plus Size Bridal Trends for Bridal Wear

Bridal trends come and go.  One year something is totally hot, and then it’s gone…just like your Mom’s 1984 wedding dress – puffy sleeves were totally in, and now they are just a laughing stock, (although if you decide to have an 80’s themed wedding, puffy sleeves and all, please be sure to let me […]

plus size color, green

{Color Inspiration} Green

This week’s inspirational color is GREEN.  As the quote implies, green is a very earthy color like brown, so wearing something of that shade could mean you’re very down to Earth and don’t mind a little adventure every now and then. No matter what your skin tone is or how dark the color is, green […]

{Wedding Tip Thursday} Incorporating “Eco Friendly” Elements Into Your Wedding

What does Eco Friendly even mean?  Recycle?  Reuse?  Hugging trees?  The official definition of “eco friendly” is “not harmful to the environment”.  Easy right?  Not really, that little sentence packs a big punch when you think about it, and if you are trying to be more eco friendly for your wedding, it may leave you […]

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Communicating with Vendors 101

Communication can make or break any relationship, this includes the relationships with your wedding vendors.  Clear communication can mean the difference of a dream like planning process or a nightmare come true. Here are some tips that will help you navigate the roads of communication with your vendors. Brides, like boy scouts should always be […]