8 Things Your Wedding Guests Don’t Care About

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Real Wedding | Fall Wedding in the Bay Area With A Modern Look and Rustic Feel | Encarnacion Photography

If you are having your wedding soon, you definitely want everything to look well and go on perfectly. Other than enjoying your day to the fullest, you also want to impress your guests. It is okay if you are feeling the pressure to have a perfect wedding. However, things do always go as planned. Also, there are things your guest ignores or does not actually care about. So, why should you let it bother you? Here are things that the guests at your wedding do not care about:

1.The Design and Calligraphy of the Invitation Card

Hiring a calligraphy designer for your wedding card adds to the expenses of your wedding. Your guest does not care about the calligraphy or the card’s design as long as it delivers the message home. The truth is that no one will keep the fancy wedding card beyond your wedding date. It does not matter how much you spent on your wedding card, it will end up in a dustbin, right after the vows. Save your money and a simple wedding card will do. 

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2. Fancy Centerpieces

The centerpieces are fancy and lovely and truly make the wedding beautiful. It takes time and effort to craft a perfect centerpiece. However, try and keep it simple as your guests don’t care whether it is fancy or not. The worst part is, after leaving the wedding a majority of your guests will not even remember how the centerpiece looked like. Save your money, time, and effort on making fancy centerpieces. If you want a simple yet fancy flower arrangement, look out for wedding flowers by The Bouqs or look for inspiration on Pinterest or Etsy.

3. Wedding Program

Wedding programs are supposed to be helpful, or so we think. But, once you are done with the vows, they are no longer needed. Save yourself the struggle of creating a program because your guests do not care about it.

4. Assigning Seats and a Guest Book

While it looks helpful to your guests, let your guests choose a sitting table where they feel more comfortable. Assigning your guest, a table where they do not know anyone or feel comfortable around the people sharing the table is not a good experience.

Guest books at the wedding are great mementos. However, in most cases, most guests at the wedding do not fill it out. After the wedding, the guests usually leave in a hurry and will not remember filling out the guest book. In this digital era, you can capture beautiful moments with friends and family instead of filling out a guest book.

5.The Wedding Dress

Do not strain your budget, going for an expensive fancy wedding dress. Besides you and a few other people, no one else will notice how fancy or expensive the dress is. You can keep it simple and beautiful. When choosing the wedding dress, also remember that an ill-fitting and outlandish wedding dress will have your guests not so impressed. You have to strike a balance in finding an inexpensive and a beautiful well-fitting wedding dress.

6.The Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a sweet gesture and a token of appreciation to your guests. Don’t bother spending too much of your money on customizing favors that will go to the bin afterward. No one wants to add more clutter in their houses in the name of wedding favors. You can opt for favors such as sweets or chocolates that your guests will savor as they enjoy your big day.

7.A Perfect First Dance

Do not feel the pressure of performing a perfect choreographed first dance. No guest cares about that. Planning a wedding is hectic, and you do not want to add to your burden by practicing choreography. A simple and fun dance will equally impress your guests. Learn simple moves that you are comfortable with. A simple dance is better that a hard and shaky choreographed dance that will embarrass you in your own wedding.

8. Alcohol

Some of your guests will mind if you do not serve alcohol at your wedding. What they will not mind about is the type of alcohol you are going to serve. If you do not have a large budget for the alcohol at your wedding, save yourself the headache and get the not so expensive ones. Have an expert mix the cocktails and no one will notice the brand they are drinking. Do the same with the wine bottles. To save even more on alcohol, tell your bartender to go slow on opening the bottles. At the end of the day, you can return the unopened bottles. 

9.Table Linens

Another thing that guests at your wedding won’t give a damn about is how the table cloths look. Specialty linens are quite expensive and they do not have a huge role to play in your wedding. If you must have the table cloths, get simple table cloths to save on the expenses. However, ensure the table cloths blend well with décor of your wedding.  

10. A Wedding Cake

By time your guests are eating the wedding cake, they will already be full. Therefore, do not overspend on your wedding cake. A simple cake will serve the purpose. After all, your guests will only take a bite and no one will remember if it was fancy or not. However, while you try to keep it simple, ensure it tastes good.


Do not overstretch your budget or stress yourself out over things that no one pays attention to. If you are planning your wedding, try to make it as joyous as possible, rather than fancy. Simple things can make your big day beautiful and keep your guests happy. 

In evaluating what you should or shouldn’t have on your big day, try to remember things that you did not care about on all the weddings you have attended. You can have your friends and family bring in their suggestions to help you in determining the unnecessary things. Doing this will help you cut down on wedding costs thus save you money.

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