REAL WEDDING | Beautiful Mint and Gold Virginia Wedding by the Lake | Casey Hendrickson Photography | Pretty Pear Bride

6 Steps to Ensure Your Bridesmaids’ Dresses are as Awesome as Yours

REAL WEDDING | Beautiful Mint and Gold Virginia Wedding by the Lake | Casey Hendrickson Photography | Pretty Pear Bride
Beautiful Mint and Gold Virginia Wedding by the Lake | Casey Hendrickson Photography

So you’ve finally got that perfect wedding dress sorted out, so you’ll look like the dream you always, well, dreamed of looking as you glide down the aisle on your big day. The wedding-related sartorial headaches are all over now then… aren’t they? If you’ve already sorted out the bridesmaids’ outfits too, yes, they are. If not, well… here are a few pointers you might wish to consider or indeed follow to ensure that all-important wedding arrangement goes like clockwork…

Browsing makes perfect

Do your research. If you’ve already selected your wedding dress, you should know what you’re doing here. It means browsing through speciality catalogues and websites of bridesmaid dresses and highlighting your favorites, locating where they’re sold (whether online or in physical stores) and sharing your ideas and desires with your intended bridesmaids – be mindful of the fact they’re the ones who’ll actually have to wear them!

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Keep within budget

Traditionally speaking, bridesmaids pay for their own dresses, but it’s important to make sure that whatever arrangement there is when it comes to cost is understood and agreed – and to keep to a budget that may well have been pre-arranged. After all, not everybody earns the same, so if there’s a chance the dresses you’ve discovered and have your heart set on aren’t exactly in the price range of the all your bridesmaids, then you may need to re-think things. Moreover, there’s always the option of renting dresses if cost looks likely to be an issue.

Order in time!

This one really can’t be stressed enough. Unless you’re looking to buy from a generally well-stocked and reliable online retailer for wedding guest dresses, you’ll probably be relying on something that’s specifically designed (which may well need alterations). In which case, a good rule of thumb is to allow two to three months for orders to arrive – you don’t want one of your bridesmaids on the big day slipping out of their women’s brogue shoes and into stylish wedding shoes but not in a dress that matches all the others!

Does it fit right?

Often bridesmaid dresses are ordered according to a woman’s largest measurements; thus, to avoid ordering something too small, women usually order a bridesmaid dress that’s a size up from what they’d ordinarily buy. Your friends who’ll be wearing the dresses may not be aware of this, so it’d be just as well to work out how you’ll approach sizes – remember that it’s far easier to alter a slightly-too-large dress than order a whole new one (which, as pointed out above, will take weeks and weeks to arrive)!

Pick a shade

This can be a bit tricky and requires a bit of imagination. To find the right shade for your bridesmaids you might look to echo the colors of the venue or of the season in which your wedding’s going to take place. Strong, rich shades tend to go well with autumn and winter months, while lighter shades work better for spring and summer – think how the dresses’ll look in outdoor photos. Alternatively, if you’re lost for inspiration, you might let your friends decide on their own particular shades so long as they fit a particular style and light or dark theme. Or how about elegant floral patterns? Or even an all-white bride *and* bridesmaids look?

Are the colors complementary?

You should also consider the fact that the dresses should complement your friends’ skin tones. Soft shades like blush and sand go well with most tones, while greens tend to flatter fair complexions and bright, bold blues and pinks pop against darker skins. Whichever way you go and whatever you choose, remember it’s best to have everyone’s input and bear in mind some of your friends’ thoughts and opinions may prove just as thoughtful as your own. Good luck!

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