5 Ways to Share Your Wedding Photos Online



Getting married, tying the knot, saying ‘I do’. Whatever you call it, walking down the aisle with the man you love is pretty much the biggest, most magical, and most special day of your life. But after months of planning, preparing, and primping, it’ll go by in a flurry of vows, tears, and kisses.

But it today’s world of smart phones and digital cameras, we can relive our wedding day over and over again. Technology has allowed even a novice to take professional images that last a lifetime. And thanks to technology, we no longer need to wait weeks – maybe months – to see the photos everyone took on our special day.

Sharing Your Photos Online

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Family and friends will come from far and wide to see you get married, and sharing photos of the day with one another used to be tricky. However, thanks to the World Wide Web, you can send your photos to every corner of the globe at the push of a button.

No matter where you are in the world, and how ‘techy’ you and your family are, sharing your photos online is a piece of (wedding!) cake. Here are five simple, but effective, places to publish your wedding snaps on the Internet:

1. Facebook

Facebook is used by millions of people every day , and is a great way to stay in touch with relatives far away. But Facebook can be used for much more than just connecting with long lost friends. There are a number of ways you can use this social networking site to share your wedding snaps.

First, you can simply upload your pictures to your profile and ask relatives to do the same. This way you can create albums with all your pictures in, and even save your favourites. Facebook will also create a link for you to email to those who don’t have Facebook, letting you share your snaps with them.

Similarly, you can create a group on Facebook where all your attendees share their snaps. And you shouldn’t worry about privacy either. You can make your groups private and by-invite-only, so only the people you want can see you images. You can also set you whole Facebook profile to private, or alter the privacy settings of specific albums. If some of your relatives aren’t up to date with the whole social media craze, you can always link your platforms with linktree or linktree alternatives so they can be found on the web.

2. Flickr

Flickr is one of the longest standing photo- sharing websites, and is a great place for you and your guests to share images. You can create a group with varied levels of privacy, and ask people to upload pictures from the day here.

Again, you can send the links to these albums to other guests that may not use Flickr. One piece of advice would be to make sure you don’t add a creative commons license to your images. This will prevent people from using and modifying your images for commercial use.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is social media’s new baby, and it’s a great way to share your wedding day. More and more brides are using it for wedding inspiration , but you can also make the most of it for sharing images after saying ‘I do’.

Create a board and invite all your family and friends to upload their images to it. This way everyone can share pictures, leave comments, and take away the pictures they want to keep. You can also share your boards with friends and family that don’t use Pinterest.

4. Capsule

Capsule is perfect for collecting every picture from your big day. Using either the website or a smart phone app, guests can upload images directly from their cameras and mobiles. All in one place, all easy to view, Capsule lets you see your big day through the eyes of everyone that attended.

Only invited members can see and share images, keeping it private. But should you wish, you can share all – or some – of the pictures in your capsule with your Facebook and Twitter friends. This means you can keep your big day intimate if you want, or show off your fabulous dress with that amazing wedding photography backdrop to make your indoor wedding photos gorgeous.

5. Wedding Photo Swap

Wedding Photo Swap is your comprehensive online album. Guests, couples, and the professional photographer can all log into the site and post photos directly to the albums. All in high resolution, you can share pictures with guests – and those who couldn’t make it – quickly and easily.

Each guest has their own unique code to log in, as do the bride and groom. This will give you various control over what images appear, who sees them, and where else they’re posted. Above all, Wedding Photo Swap is free, making it perfect for brides on a budget.

Whether you had a big white wedding, or an intimate ceremony, sharing your wedding photos with loved ones has never been easier. Explore all these methods to see what works best for you, and help see your wedding day through the eyes of all your guests.


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