Saturday Outings: At the Mall

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Saturday Outings: At the Mall

Going out to the club, the park or the movies is fun, but there comes a point in time when a plus size girl needs to restock her outfits and there’s no better place to do that than at the mall.

When you go shopping, what you wear should look just as good as the clothes you see hanging on the racks. It should be something that pops. Something that tells a passerby you will not be ignored. Once you’re in, you know the rest. Find the best shirt, pants or dress that your money can buy (or your husband’s money can buy!) and you’ll be on your way to looking fabulous.

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In the comments below, let me know where you like to spend your Saturdays shopping. I also did a Motivation Mondays post called “Shop Til You Drop” back in June, check it out here

Enjoy your shopping spree and have a happy Saturday!

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